For my training in internal medicine (psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology), Dermatopathology, dermatology clinic, clinical immunology, I
made personalized medicine in the last 20 years. The treatments have been compounding requirements, linking aspects of inflammation
and find the source of their causes. My results have been spectacular, obtaining an experience that has allowed me to innovate, and to be
able to coach my pacients. To deepen the management of inflammation has led me to genetics, and skin biopsies, and correlate with the
expression of genes, and to link with the clinical aspects, it makes the skin is the best scenario to advance personalization of medicine, and
have the best results, which has led to the generation of patents.

Portfolio (2)

Dermatological formulation, composed of pharmaceutical compounds, antioxidant molecules and additional active ingredients are developed by Barcelona Skin Genomic to treat inflammatory skin diseases with high efficacy during treatment of atopic dermatitis (AD) with high Scoring Atopic Dermatitis (SCO[…]

Barcelona Skin Genomic (BSG) is developing a database that compiles information about the effects of different natural active compounds or plant extracts (more than 2500) on gene expression, on the levels of expression of interleukins and other molecules (more than 3400) and on treatment of differen[…]

Academic Studies

Degree in Medicine and Surgery

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

1973-1980 (7 years) | Barcelona, Spain

Internship at the Faculty of Medicine

University of Florida

1982 (less than a year) | Florida Area, United States

Passed the exam ECFMG (Educational Comity Foreign Medical Graduates)

September 1982 (less than a year)

Passed the exams of Medical Quality Assurance Boards

February 1983 (less than a year) | California, United States

Number one at the exam for the title “Doctor specialised in Medical-Surgical Dermatology and Venereology”

January 1988 (less than a year)

Doctor in Medicine. Cum Laude.

Universitat de Barcelona

June 1990 (less than a year) | Barcelona, Spain

Work Experience


Mayo Clinic and Mayo Medical School

July-September 1977 (less than a year) | Minnesota Area, United States


Mayo Clinic and Mayo Medical School

September 1978 (less than a year) | Minnesota Area, United States


Mayo Clinic and Mayo Medical School

July-August 1979 (less than a year) | Minnesota Area, United States

Visiting Clinician

Mayo Clinic

August 1987-May 1988 (less than a year) | Minnesota Area, United States


Medical Faculty of the University of Florida

1982 (less than a year) | Florida Area, United States

Fellowship in Dermatopathology

New York University

1983-1985 ( 2 years) | New York Area, United States

Fellowship in Dermatoimmunology

University of Edinburgh

1986-1987 (1 year) | Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Instituto de Dermatología Ignacio Umbert

1989 - present (27 years) | Barcelona, Spain

Research Interests

Cancer hair biology




Publications (24)

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