Jose Ma Morral, pharmaceutical project manager is responsible for the overall area of
production, management and coordination of pharmacies nationwide and

Academic Studies

Diploma in Business Administration

IESE University of Navarra

1987 - 1988 | Barcelona, Spain

Course of production and quality in Ind. Pharmaceutical.

University of Barcelona - Empowered Pharmacy

1976 | Barcelona, Spain

Bachelor of Pharmacy

University of Barcelona

1968 - 1972 | Barcelona, Spain

Top High School

Royal Monastery of Santa Isabel

1967 | Madrid, Spain

Work Experience

Fher Laboratories


Position: Head of manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceutical products.

Function: Planning, control and direct the production based on the production plan objectives respecting aspects of Good Manufacturing Standards.

Fher Laboratories 1977-1982

Position: Deputy Director of Production and Technical Director

Role: To manage the resources allocated to the production for the result expected by the company assuming responsibility to the Health Ministry of the compliance of production of the legislation (in the absence of Technical Director)

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma Laboratories.


Position: Director of Produc. integral member of the team of consultants McKinsy & Company

Function: Managing production and define together with the team McKinsy & Company production strategy Boehringer Ingelheim group of Spain as far as industrial production is concerned. Chemical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and food additives.Boehringer Ingelheim Group 1988-1993

Position: Director of Global Supply Chain for the whole group in Spain.

Function: Managing Managing Global Supply Chain group is Spain. Defining joint strategies with the different directions of the business units. For the control and management of stock, purchasing, production planning, customer service and warehousing and distribution.

Boehringer Ingelheim Group


Position: Chief Operating Farma. for the whole group in Spain

Function: Managing Managing Global Pharmaceutical Plants and supply chain group in Spain. Defining joint strategies with the different directions of the business units. For the production, management and stock levels, purchasing, production planning, customer service, warehousing and distribution.

Boehringer Ingelheim Group


Position: Project Manager for the construction of the new Silver Production

Sant Cugat framed in the project, European production of the plant  Germany. Director of Communications and Public Relations for the Group

Function: Managing Direct industrial participation group aiming to transform local production in an international venue for 120 countries avoiding the closure and relocation of our production in another country U.E. competing with other European venues. (Analysis of the European production in plant equipment in Germany)

Boehringer Ingelheim Group


Position: Director of the Urban project for the location of the new Silver

Production in Sant Cugat and Project Sharing expertise Plant

European. Home Management Facilities Manager of the new headquarters

International in Sant Cugat.

Director of Communications and Public Relations for the Group in Spain

International participation.

Role: To manage the municipal and regional authorities the legal aspects necessary for meeting deadlines of the project to start production in coordination with the plants that closed in the rest of Europe.  Arrange the Department. Of Facilities Manager for corporate headquarters and production in the plot of 10 hectares.


Family business (9 employees)

2008 - Present

Additional Qualifications


Course of Management and Administration

Missenden Abbey Management Centre U.K. 1984


GMP standards applied designing industrial plants Farma. and Cosmetics AEFI.

(Col. Ofic. Farmaceut. And Association of Pharmaceutical Industry). 1991


Teaching and Presentation Techniques in Public

Consultants Association Españoles S.A. 1995


Global Suplain Chain

(Logistics Integral Plani./ Comp./Distri./Clientes)  Consultants Association Españoles S.A. 1996



Management and Team Management EAT'S

Consultants Association Spanish S.A. 1997


Management and Project Management

Engineering Equipment Boehringer Ingelheim 1998


Crisis Management Communication / Picture Company

Weber International Sandwick / Inforpress 2000


Course Media Management / Strategic Communication Plan

Weber International Sandwick 2004


Global Newspaper: Internet has become an indispensable means

Seminar IESE (MADRID): Farma response Ind.. The global market

Magazine purchases and stocks Article and semi Seminar

Master of Industry Pharmac. U.B .: conferences and seminars.

Tutorials: Final Project Master of Pharma Industry. U.B.

Farmaindustria: Commission image and reputation of the pharmaceutical industry


Sant Cugat Business Association: Member of the board

Association Urbaniza construction. Polig. Can Mates S.C .: President